Lets get started


OK, Here it goes. In a matter of a few months I went from barely ever looking at Facebook and having little interest in most social media to having my own Facebook page, a business Instagram account, a website, and a blog. It would be a serious understatement to say I’m a little overwhelmed with all this social media stuff. I am a terrible speller, I’m not great at taking pictures, and I have no idea what to write about on even one of these social media platforms, and now I have 4 to maintain! Why has my life all of a sudden become so driven by social media? The short answer… I started an online business.

It would be more correct to say I’m STARTING an online business. I am still very new to the concept of business ownership and part of what will be posted in all this social media is how I am working to grow my business. One thing that is certain though is that if you want your product to sell, you need to have an audience to sell it to.

My business is called In Life Designs. Our goal is to provide bags that are family friendly. Our first bag will be a gender neutral diaper backpack. We are in the process of manufacturing a stylish backpack that can be used by both parents interchangeably. Our goal is to launch this bag for sale on Amazon within the next 2 months. My job between now and them is to build an audience. This means to find as many people as possible who are interested in family, or babies, or diaper bags and invite them to follow my business on Facebook, Instagram, this blog, and subscribe on my website so that when I do launch my first bag I already have a group of people to advertise to that might be interested in purchasing that bag.

I definitely wasn’t expecting that the most difficult part of doing an online business startup would be coming up with content to post. I can’t build an audience by posting information about a bag I’m planning to sell every other day. My posts are about family. Its a work in progress. Right now I am sharing a variety of funny, informative, personal, and bag related content. I hope to at least provide something interesting as well.

Like I said I am new to all of this! I hope to improve and grow as a business owner and a blogger quickly!

Wish me luck in this new adventure.

Check out my new website!


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