Who likes bragging? I don’t!

IMG_3163 Disclaimer.  This post is not written by Lauren.  It is written by me, her husband, Kyle.  Lauren has never been a fan of proclaiming the truth of how talented she is and that leads to a lack of interest in keeping her social media accounts updated, so I’m going to take a stab at it for her.  Early on in life she began studying ballet, tap, and jazz dance which led to a love of performing.  She studied dance all the way through her college years actually performing for her school’s dance company throughout the USA and even in several foreign countries.  I actually proposed to Lauren on stage during one of her performances, but that’s a post for another time.

Lauren’s love for the arts is not limited to dance.  Musicals, plays, art, film, music, and pretty much everything creative will draw her attention.  If she sees something she likes she takes the time to figure it out and not only does it but she conquers it.  Creating pieces for our home is a talent she has cultivated.  Whether it is a creative picture frame or an end table, Lauren is able to work with what she has and find a way to fit the piece into the style she’s looking for.

With three young children finding time to continue to create is a challenge.  Lauren teaches and performs with a local dance company and is always quick to volunteer to throw a baby shower or host a book club for friends.  These are great ways to keep those creative juices flowing while the main focus is on family.

Lauren is a wonderful example to our children of what a person can achieve when they put their mind and will to work.  So many times people will focus on how someone is either the smartest or the most athletic, but most of the time the most successful people are the ones that are persistent and know what they want.  That is Lauren.  She knows what she wants and she does not yield.  There may be delays in production or missteps in the process but Lauren knows how to get things done.



2 thoughts on “Who likes bragging? I don’t!

  1. What a woman! I know she is fabulous – miss you guys 🙂 Mom’s never get the credit they deserve. Tell her how wonderful she is and thanks for this awesome post Kyle.

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