How to create a chalk board sign

Chalk board signs are an inexpensive way to add a large focus piece to any display! I use my chalk board sign almost every time I host a party. Its a great space filler and  eye catcher.

I’ll explain how to Make the chalk board and  how to add a personalized sign.

Make a framed chalk board

For the chalk board you will need

  • a large picture frame (I used an 18×20 frame from a thrift store)
  • chalk board spray paint like this
  • paint of choice for frame
  • paper or plastic to protect surface while painting

To save money and time I stray painted chalk board paint directly on the glass of the picture frame. It takes 3-4 coats to get a nice thick smooth surface. I have made multiple signs on this chalk board and have never had any issues with it being glass.

Remove glass from picture frame before painting. Use any paint you want for the frame. I just used some left over canned paint I had lying around. Lightly sand and clean the frame before painting.

Pretty simple. Now you have chalk board to use for all your signing needs!

Lets move onto the fun part!

Create a sign

What you will need

  • A computer program you can use to design and print your sign (Silhouette Studio, Powerpoint, Word, etc)
  • printer
  • pen or other pointy tool
  • chalk, chalk marker, or chalk pencil

Prime your chalk board before using. do this by adding a smooth layer of chalk to entire board. rub chalk all over board and with with a paper towel to smooth it around.

  1. Create a design. I use Silhouette studio to create my designs for all my signs but if you don’t have a program like this, you can print off individual pictures and phrases using Word, Pages or another program.

Once you have your design print it out.

As mentioned before you can print out individual pictures and word phrases as well.

2. If using individual papers with printed pictures or words cut around the edges of the print so there is little excess white paper. Chalk the back of the print.

3. place print on chalkboard and use a pencil without lead or an unopened pen to trace the outside edges of the image. Using the plastic part of the writing utensil to trace with will provide more pressure. when you life your paper there should be a light chalk outline of your picture.

4. Use chalk or chalk markers to trace the pictures. Use chalk or chalk pencils to fill in pictures. Chalk markers do not work well for filling in large areas. I typically use markers to trace and pencils to fill in.

IMG_4145This car themed board was the first chalk board sign I every made. I used all chalk for this board. You can see I used lines, dark fill ins, and dark borders with light fill ins to add detail and contrast to the words rather.tIMG_4145


IMG_4165For this pumpkin and spice sign I did fill in a few words with marker but I will say it took a long time and almost the entire marker to make it look right. I will also say for this sing I printed out the pictures and words separately and cut everything out. I then traced each work and picture one at a time.




I hope this Tutorial was helpful! Please post pictures in the comments of your chalk board signs!



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