Battlefield Dinner!

Negotiations with the cub insurgents have had little success after the announcement by Mama Bear that plans to move forward with the state imposed health initiative will continue despite continued protests from some citizens.  Protests have been peaceful until earlier today when one of the leaders of the opposition to the health initiative destroyed public property in a fit of rage when it was announced that ice cream was listed as a Class 4 restricted food item to only be imported with approval of Mama Bear or Papa Bear personally for celebrations including but not limited to birthdays.

If there are additional violent protests Papa Bear has pushed for a move to marshal law, bringing tight restrictions such as a curfew and a limit to the amount of free time allotted to cubs.  This is a last resort and promises have been made on both sides for more patience and the possibility of allowing the cubs to decide on some specific items to be included on the approved list of acceptable food items.  As dinner approaches the city has been quiet with no sign of new protests.  Some see this as a sign of peace, but others believe the leaders of the ice screamers, as they’ve come to call themselves, are planning a renewed effort at dinner to protest the state imposed regulations.

At dinner it quickly becomes evident that the ice screamers have planned a hunger strike.  Refusing to eat any food that is not a part of their newly published list of acceptable food items which includes: All fried foods, pizza, hamburgers, cookies, candy, and of course ice cream.  The meal starts off peaceful with Mama Bear and Papa Bear enjoying the healthy meal while the ice screamers push their agenda in silence.  Relations quickly turn sour as it is announced that a sugar-free, flour-free chocolate cake has been prepared as a peace offering to smooth relations between the state and the ice screamers.  The ice screamers cry in protest as the authorities enjoy the cake.  All that is required to enjoy the cake is for the ice screamers to consume the prepared meal made of acceptable food items.  After much debate and concessions on both sides the ice screamers eat at least 50% of their meal in exchange for a full portion of cake.



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