Best Choice Ever!

Screenshot (4)Kyle here, hijacking the blog again.  Last time I mentioned proposing to my wife and possibly writing a post about it so here I am.  Convincing Lauren to marry me almost eleven years ago was the smartest, most amazing choice I could have ever made.  We actually met while we were both still in high school.  We went to different schools but met on a blind date through a mutual friend.  It seems so long ago, but I still remember meeting her and thinking she was way out of my league and I was going to have to be on the receiving end of some sort of miracle to convince her to talk to me again after this blind date.  Well, since we are now married you know I must have received that miracle on that first date, but back to the proposal story.

We had already come to the conclusion that we wanted to get married but there was still the needed step of actually proposing.  As I look back at it I didn’t really do anything right with the proposal.  I didn’t talk to her dad at all about proposing, so if you are reading this Dan, please forgive me for not asking your permission before popping the question.  Lauren and I were living in different cities at the time and spent a lot of time on the phone with each other.  Lauren was attending college and I was working to save up for school so I could join her in the upcoming semester.  Lauren was also part of the school’s modern dance company, because as I have mentioned in my previous post that she is amazing like that.  The company was doing a quick pre-tour trip and performed at the university my sister was attending.  My sister attended the show and after the performance I got a call from her and that is when the plan came together.  Kaitlyn, my sister, said that there was a specific dance piece in the performance where Lauren was a part of a duet and at the end of it she and her partner walk towards each other, go in as if they are about to kiss and the lights dim.  Kaitlyn told me that I needed to figure out how to swap spots with Lauren’s dance partner at the end and propose to her during one of the upcoming performances.  Lucky for me, Lauren’s older sister had already been through the same program at the same school and was able to help figure out how I could get on stage and that there was one final performance before the company went on their international tour.

With this new knowledge I finished up designing Lauren’s engagement ring, let her roommates know what was going on, got with my mom, Lauren’s mom, Lauren’s sister and flew up to see the last pre-tour performance.  This whole time Lauren was under the impression that none of her roommates or family were going to be able to make the show.  Everyone did an amazing job at keeping this a total secret.  Lauren has shared with me that it was pretty disappointing that none of her close friends and family were coming to the farewell show but it made it all the sweeter when she found out what was going on.

While Lauren was backstage preparing for the performance I received instruction from the company’s director on where to stand and when to sneak on stage so Lauren wouldn’t know what was going on.  Keep in mind that everyone else on the company knew I was there and the plan so again it was amazing that she had no clue that all of her roommates, some of her and my family members and I were all in the audience waiting for the proposal.  At this point I would like to point out that I really hadn’t done anything to plan this amazing event.  My sister had the idea, Lauren’s sister coordinated with the dance company, and all I had to do was execute.  Having said that it takes a great amount of courage to go out on stage and propose to the love of your life in front of a packed theater.

The time came to walk onto the stage.  With a microphone in hand I began what seemed to be an endless walk under the bright lights.  The beating of my heart rang loud in my ears as I looked up to see Lauren.  I was a little surprised to see that at first she wasn’t looking at me but rather her dance partner and she actually seemed a little flustered with the fact that he had just walked off stage instead of finishing the dance piece.  As a true performer she was focused on finishing what she had rehearsed countless times.  When she saw me emerge from the shadows there was no more frustration with a premature end to the dance, but total surprise bordering on shock.

I had thought about what I wanted to say to her and it obviously included the words, “will you marry me?”  but in that moment the real words came to me and they require a little explanation.  Lauren was the first one to say “I love you” and she would constantly remind me that she had loved me before I loved her.  With that in mind everything and everyone else in that theater disappeared.  I walked up to her, brought the microphone up and spoke the words, “Lauren, you always tell me that you loved me first.  Well, I want to be the one to love you last.”  At this point the crowd began to cheer and I was reminded that we were not alone.  I went down on one knee, took out the ring and asked, “Will you marry me?”  I think she said yes but between the crowd and the nerves I kind of forgot to listen for an answer.

We are happily married and I look forward to spending eternity with Lauren.  She has made me a better person and I look forward to all the great we will do together.  Lauren, I love you!

Here is a video of the proposal.  Sorry if it is hard to hear me.



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