Mandatory Me time on Coronado Island

I have recently learned the importance of “ME TIME” or in this particular case “SPOUSE & I TIME”. For the first time since our first child was born, my husband and I went on a vacation without the kids. Seriously, this was needed… I love my children very much but I’m with them ALL THE TIME. I hadn’t realized how therapeutic a little time away could be. Honestly, we hardly did anything during our 3 1/2 day stay at Hotel Del Coronado. We didn’t do any big destination sight seeing or go to any adventure parks. We didn’t’ plan anything in advance (seriously out of the norm for me). We took the time to slow down relax and just enjoy the surroundings. We ran the beach a few times, walked the beach a few times, we road bikes around the island, went to the movies, and we ate lots of yummy food.

We had talked about doing a vacation by ourselves a few times but we live pretty far from all of our family and lets be honest… vacations are expensive $$$. It hasn’t really worked out to have people to watch our kids or have a great traveling opportunity until now. We dropped our kids off with family and I headed down to Coronado with my husband to enjoy a few days with no real responsibilities. It was absolutely wonderful.

I have 3 children under 6 years old. None of them are in school yet and where I live preschool is, in my opinion, outrageously over priced. I stay at home with my children everyday. I teach dance one night a week to have something for myself and occasionally have an activity or outing to attend child free but 1-3 hours out of every 168 doesn’t seem like much time to decompress for the physical and emotional drain of parenthood.

What is the point of this post? It’s to tell you that you need to take time for yourself! Find a way to spend a day or 2 or 3 child free. As parents we have a huge responsibility to take care of, teach, and love our children. Don’t ever let anyone tell you this is not hard work… because it is definitely hard work and you deserve a break, even if it’s just a small one. Go do something for yourself. While you are away take a moment to acknowledge your achievements as a parent, take a moment to remember what you love about parenting, and take a moment to remember what you love about your children. Then push all the difficulty and frustrations of parenting away and enjoy some time for you because you deserve it!



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