Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

I love throwing baby showers! I love having a reason to create. Themed parties are a great way to get creativity flowing.

When I host a shower I like to plan the theme based off the moms future nursery. This way they can take all the decorations and use them in their new babies room. Baby showers are great fun but LOTS of work. It’s so much more worth the time knowing some of the decorations I spend so much time creating and making will continue to be used after the party.

One of the the favorite baby showers I’ve hosted so far is a Winnie the Pooh themed shower.



Theme colors were:

  • red
  • kraft paper brown
  • honey gold

Decorations I made:

  • “It’s a baby” banner
  • Tissue paper poms in various sizes of kraft paper in brown and red
  • Large chalkboard sign with Winnie the Pooh quote
  • Honey pot diaper cake
  • Food labels (each food item was inspired by a Winnie the pooh character)
  • Keepsake fingerprint balloon art (for guests to help with)
  • Signs for activities

Purchased decor

  • Winnie the pooh stuffed animals (I actually borrowed these from the mom the be!)
  • “Winnie the Pooh” cardboard book for keepsake gift
  • Honey sticks
  • sugar bees for cupcakes


It was so fun coming up with themed food to go with the characters form Winnie the pooh. The food ended up adding to the decor all on its own! And can I just say Those honey cupcakes were some of the best i’ve ever make. SO YUMMY. Putting cupcakes on a tiered tray like this makes them a focal point. I made this 3 tier tray by searching for plates and candle holders at thrift stores and glueing them together with E6000. Hopefully I will have a how to post soon!



  • Fingerprint balloon on art picture to be frames as a keepsake
  • How many honey combs (cereal) are in the bottle?




I could not do the majority of these homemade decorations without a silhouette cutting tool and the silhouette design computer program. I use my silhouette for everything! That being said there are definitely other ways to make simple but cute decorations using PowerPoint or even Word and cutting out by hand. I used my silhouette to create the food labels,  The banner (which I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of), the party favor and game signs, and to help with the chalkboard sign.

I also am an avid Pinterest searcher. Whenever I am making new decor, hosting a party, looking for a recipe, or doing anything new really, I always go to Pinterest first to look for inspiration. Often I find great ideas and tweak them a bit to fit my own vision.


Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 8.35.37 PMThese Tiger tails are an example of a pinterest find inspiration. They were inspired by chocolate covered pretzels but pocky sticks taste way better! Pretzel sticks won’t really get eaten. They are more for adding to the theme and decor of the food table. Pocky sticks will definitely get eaten. I like that they are smaller then pretzel sticks as well. You can buy pocky sticks in the Asian section of most grocery stores.

Dip pocky sticks in melted white chocolate with added food coloring of choice, then drizzle with milk chocolate or roll sticks in topping of choice.


Here is a list of a things I do for every baby shower I host.

  1. Purchase (or sometimes crochet) a stuffed animal to add to the theme/decor and as a keepsake for the mom -to-be. (in this case mom-to -be already had them for me to borrow)
  2. Purchase a theme related book to use as a guestbook or add to decor. Guests signs the front and back pages. (if you have a cardboard book you can use a slick writer marker so the ink doesn’t smear)
  3. Make a banner
  4. Make a chalkboard sign (follow link for a how to post)
  5. Find a drink that matches the theme
  6. make a cake or cupcakes to add to theme
  7. have 1-2 games (usually one that can be done at the table like the count the honeycombs and one we do as a group)
  8. A diaper cake (if time and money allow)

I will say that the poms, Its a baby banner, chalkboard sign, and diaper cake are the most time consuming decorations because I always make them by hand (totally not necessary to make them by hand), but it’s so worth it! They provide the wow factor for the party decor!


This honey pot diaper cake was make with a lot of rubber bands and trial and error to get the shape I wanted. then I pinned the fabric on the outside for easy removal.

Hope this post provides some inspiration for your future hosting needs! I’d love to see pictures of your cute baby showers!







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