A Poem for the P’s of Parenthood

I’m particularly proud to present this pleasant poem packed full of profound words starting  with P that properly and proficiently portray the principle roles of parenthood.

The P’s of Parenthood:

  • Parents are like Parrots – we constantly repeat ourself over and over
  • Parents are like Parol Officers- we work hard to keep kids out of trouble
  • A parent is a Private Chef – constantly working to keep picky clients happy
  • A parent is a Politician – constantly campaigning, trying to convince your constituents that you truly have their best interests in mind. Which actually keeps you from being able to do the work you need to do
  • Parents are Poop, Pee, and Puke Containment Specialist – enough said
  • Parents are Potty Trainers – enough said
  • A parent is like a Professional Wrestler – it may not be the real thing but that doesn’t mean it’s not hard
  • A parent is a Playmate – they always want to play…
  • A parent is a Public Defender – every kid has the right to a fair trial
  • A parent is a Public Prosecutor – you have to find out if the kid is guilty, right?
  • Parents are Performers – every kid likes a good show
  • Parents are Paramedics – when the crying starts who’s the first on the scene?
  • Parents are Photographers – everyone’s kids are the cutest kids
  • A parent is a Preacher – just because we’re preaching doesn’t guarantee this congregation is listening
  • A parent is a Princess or Prince – being part of a royal family seems so glamorous in the movies
  • A parent is a Partner in Crime – if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em

What P’s of parenting could you possibly add to this perfectly playful list?


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