Fresh look for a dresser.

We needed a new dresser, but didn’t really want to pay for one.  I went down to my local peddlers mall (any thrift store or second hand store would work) and found a dresser for $50. I was looking for something ugly, but that still had working drawers. I wasn’t so concerned with the hardware or dents but rather more with how the drawers held together, how the drawers slid and the overall stability of the dresser.


Here’s what I found. Most of the hardware is missing or broken. It was dirty, outdated, and a bit unique with a piece of wood dividing the top 2 and bottom 2 drawers.

We got the dresser home and by the end of the night I had the dresser cleaned and coated with one coat of primer.

I used krud killer cleaner to clean the dresser but TSP or other cleaners can be used.

I used  basic Zinsser  brand primer but any primer can work.

Now it was time to paint! I happened to have a Sherwin Williams sample left over from a previous project. I used an interior/exterior latex paint in satin, color 7069 iron ore, for this project

  • Buy your sample of paint from a Sherwin Williams store. Its only $7 and you get almost 2 pints of paint. I hardly made a dent in the sample after one coat on the dresser.

Originally I intended on doing 2 coats of paint but I actually really liked the way it looked after one coat. You could see the paint strokes and the white primer in a few places. It gave it a bit of a distressed look.

So, a quick clean then one coat of leftover primer and one coat of leftover paint and we almost have a finished product!

Last thing I needed was some hardware. This actually proved to be a little harder then expected because the top drawer had different size hardware then the bottom 3 drawers, and the holes for the hardware were irregular spacing.

I couldn’t find any drawer pulls at Lowes, Home Depot, or Hobby Lobby in the right size for the drawers so I ended up ordering some on Amazon. The top drawer pulls were only 2 in wide. I got these 2 in 1 Vintage Style Round Drawer Knobs. I had to drill holes for them but they cover the old holes and work great! The rest of the drawer pulls were 2 1/2 inches. I found these drop bail dresser pulls and they go well with the other drawer pulls. It took a while to find a set that looked well together but I’m happy with the result!






Find your furniture.

Remove all hardware.

Sand it if needed and clean well (krud killer, TSP, or other grime remover)





Paint furniture with one coat of a basic primer. I used Zinsser 1-2-3 primer







Paint furniture with 1-3 coats of paint. This will differ depending on your paint color/ quality, and your personal coverage preferences.

Replace hardware.






Enjoy your beautiful new piece of furniture!


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